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Inspired by Perfume and Aftershave


You can select either a 10ml handy sized bottle (great for nights out) or a 100ml Bottle.

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Our ‘Inspired by’ perfume/aftershaves are blended uniquely for us, enabling us to produce all your favourite designer fragrances for a fraction of the High Street cost! You will be amazed how similar our fragrances smell to the High Street versions.

Every item listed on our website is not counterfeit, we do not sell fakes and should not be mistaken for high street brands.  Our products are made of our formulations and ingredients.  They are presented with our own brand.  We have scents similar to others on the high street due to sharing ingredients.  We may have scents inspired by others but not the same and should not be mistaken for their brand.  Copyrights are property of their respective brands.

All our fragrances are cruelty free, suitable for vegans/vegetarians and are paraben free.

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